Score Histogram Report

Score Histogram report is used to view the Histogram chart of the Emotion Sensor® questions which has scores assigned. Score Histogram Report Navigation Go to the Dashboard and click on the Menu icon on the left side upper corner. Click on the Analyze, Score Analysis, and select Score Histogram. Add Widget Click on the filter […]

Manage Contacts in Comm-Center

There are three ways to capture user data into Comm-center. Upload customer data from Excel file. Capture user profile data from Emotion Sensor® UI. Capture user data from Reachout portal. Refer how we can Capture Contacts into Comm-center article for more info. Manage Comm-center user data Add/Edit/Delete user records To add a new record, click […]

File upload through Emotion Sensors™

Uploading files is a versatile capability that is available in Emotion Sensors™. To enable this, please contact the dev team. Different types of files can be uploaded through the sensors such as png, pdf, xls, etc. Below is a screenshot from a sensor where upload file is enabled. Once the file is selected, add a […]

Question Settings

Multiple options are available on Emojot dashboard to make an Emotion Sensor® unique and interesting. Go to Edit survey and move to Design step. Click on the cogwheel icon on the right corner of the question and go to Settings. This opens up the Question Settings window below. To show/hide emojis, enable/disable this toggle. To […]

Automatic Move to Next Page

To move from one page to the next one, without hitting on the Next button, enable the toggle in front of Automatic move to next page on Publish step in sensor creation and Save/Update. *This feature is available only for the campaign type Emotion Sensors®. **Also, if the page contains multiselect or page wise comments, […]